Let’s Make a Planetarium Show: Part 5 – Animation and Rendering

When it comes to making animations for any type of show, it’s helpful to use storyboards.

Storyboards help you find a direction as opposed to staring at a blank page or screen waiting for inspiration to strike.  I do storyboards for all my scenes throughout the length of the dialogue.

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Let’s Make a Planetarium Show: Part 3 – Digital Sky Animation

The first time I ever went to a planetarium was when I was in second grade.  It was on a field trip and I remember the show dealt with a private detective investigating something dealing with the stars.  I remember this because I had always wanted to have a job like Sherlock Holmes.  So, when I got a job at the planetarium I assumed that all the shows would revolve around a static star field and maybe a half-hour presentation on some of the planets you can find from your backyard.  How wrong I was.

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