A New Way To Search For Alien Life

a new way to search for alien life

Everyone has imagined how excited people would be if alien life were finally discovered.  You’ve all seen those movies where one day a huge spaceship breaks through the clouds and imposes its presence on the world.  I, for one, sometimes think what it would be like if I’m driving down the interstate and suddenly this enormous mothership slowly looms over the horizon.  I’d hunch over my steering wheel and look up at the sky in shock, but then I’d immediately get mad at the other drivers because they would all pull over, or stop right there on the road, just so they can get out and look at it.  “Come on, people.  I’ve got places to be.  Yeah, there’s a spaceship; let’s move on.   I have to be at work in, like, five minutes.”  Well, that’s if the aliens came knocking on our door.  In reality, there are a few ways that scientists search for extraterrestrial life, e.g., searching for radio signals, laser signals, or evidence of neutrinos.  And now we can add one more new way to search for alien life: analyzing for something called “dimers.”

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