Scientists Have Discovered “Another Earth”

kepler 186f

The first validated Earth-sized planet to orbit a star in the habitable zone, Kepler-186f, has been discovered.  It beats out the current most potential candidate for a world with Earth-like life which went to Kepler-62f–a planet forty percent larger than Earth, yet still residing in its own habitable zone.

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Ten Amazing Facts About The Milky Way Galaxy

 10 Facts about the milky way

If you think about it, it’s amazing enough that we reside in a solar system within a galaxy that is spinning around a black hole.  The sheer enormity of this galaxy is astonishing on its own.  But I bet there were some things about our galaxy that you didn’t know:  How many possible intelligent alien civilizations could be out there?  What is The Great Attractor?  And how about that raspberry smelling gas cloud?  Yes, there are some very curious details about our galaxy that not a lot of people know.  So let’s get into the Ten Most Amazing Facts About The Milky Way Galaxy:
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