The 9 Tallest Mountains In The Solar System

9 Tallest Mountains in the Solar System

Of course, when you think of the tallest mountain ever you’re going to probably think of Mount Everest with its peak of a little over 29,000 feet (5.5 miles).  But when you  look at Mt. Everest in comparison with some of the other mountains in our Solar System it won’t even make the list.  Let’s look at some of the Solar System’s tallest mountains as measured from the base to the peak.

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A perspective 3D plot of the topography of the largest single volcano on Earth, Tamu Massif.

A 3-D map of the Tamu Massif formation, which scientists now say is one huge shield volcano

Illustration courtesy IODP


“This finding goes against what we thought, because we found that it’s one huge volcano,” said William Sager, a geology professor at the University of Houston in Texas. Sager is lead author in a study about the find that was published this week in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Geoscience.

“It is in the same league as Olympus Mons on Mars, which had been considered to be the largest volcano in the solar system,” Sager told National Geographic.