And You Thought Daylight Savings Time Was Confusing: Computer Time For International Space Ventures

Daylight Savings Time for Space

You can thank Benjamin Franklin for the concept of Daylight Savings Time.  The story goes that in 1784, serving as Ambassador to France, that he awoke one morning at 6 a.m. and found many of the Parisians were still in bed with the shutters closed to keep out the light.  As a result, they were sleeping into the daylight hours and burning candles into the night.  Now, much of the United States, Canada, and Europe all embrace Daylight Savings Time.  So every fall and every spring we have to go through the whole “spring forward, fall back” scenario and adjust our clocks.  We all get the phone calls from Mom and the emails from work to remind us to reset our clocks.  And, of course, it still takes time for us to get to all the clocks around the house: the microwave, the stove, the bedroom clocks, the car stereo.  It can be a bit confusing at times, “It’s already 3 o’clock?…oh, I forgot to change that one.  It’s only 2.  I’ve still got an hour.”

Well, if you thought Daylight Savings Time is confusing wait till you see what Astronomers have to go through.

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